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K95 Corsair keyboard can't select single color

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  I've tried Cue and it wil lchange the banner up top but the keyboard will never match the banner.

I've tried Lighting effects / static / color but no luck.

Any ideas? Thanks for the help!

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did you have select the positions, which you want the color ?

Can you post a screenshot of the static color effect, please.


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get a 404 Error with your link.

You can just enter picture direct in forum, don´t need to share via google  😉



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Which K95 do you have?  There are 3 different generations with some differences.  However, if the top light bar is on and the effect is showing on the keys then the two tools you have are:


1) Forced Firmware load - In CUE go to check for update.  It will likely say none, but then "force update" will appear.  Select and it will reload the current firmware.  Should reset the lighting controller.

2) If that does not work, try the soft reset "ESC key and reconnect" method below.  



3) Quit CUE from the task bar.  You can use the profile button on the top above F2 to cycle between the presets.  If still no lighting in Hardware Mode with CUE off, it can't be software and must be hardware.  

4) So neither 1 or 2 worked and the lighting is still off when CUE is not running, then contact Corsair Support to start the replacement process or do this through the sales vendor directly.  

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