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Hx1000i clicks when there is a sudden jump in power consumption.

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My system typically runs at about 100W (Power In), I recently noticed that whenever I open an app, which causes a sudden spike of my GPU's power consumption because its GPU clock and memory clock reached maximum briefly and its power consumption increases briefly by about 40W (making the total system consumption to about 140-150W), the Hx1000i would make a clicking sound.

I have tested this by using CPU-Z's stress function to make my system's power consumption to stay above 150W constantly, and when I open the 1st app afterwards, there is still one click, but from then on, no matter what I do, there will be no click from the PSU.

I then tried to use Furmark to run the GPU at maximum power, again, when Furmark is running, no matter what app I open, there will be no clicks.

When the power consumption fluctuates frequently from below 100W to above 150W roughly, the click will be frequent and irregular. I achieved this by running Furmark with vertical sync, with this, sometimes my power consumption drops low for an instant the backs up to above 150W, and that's when the click will happen.

I don't think there is any way to fix this. I have tried many things over that pass week and nothing helps. I am out of ideas. The clicks are faint, but it is there. I hope in the further Corsair can fix this problem with new PSUs.

There is someone else with the same problem and they posted on Reddit:


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