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Where are the m.2 slots on the I7400 motherboard

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I know where slot 1 is for the motherboard, but where are slot 2 and slot 4? There is no diagram of the motherboard at all, nor can I see on the site. I found out it is a PRO-Z690-A-WIFI motherboard, but even going to their site, I can't find a diagram of the motherboard at all. I have 2 4TB m.2 that I wish to install in slot 2 and slot 4 (since slot 3 is only gen3) but I don't want to be trying to unscrew or pull some part of the motherboard that isnt where the m.2 slots are. Can someone provide a link to a diagram, or at least tell me where they are?

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Not sure why you write I7400, what you mean with this ?


The PRO-Z690-A-WIFI is a Mainboard from MSI for the Intel Processors with LGA 1700 Socket ( so the 12th and 13th series).

Did you have read the manual of the mainboard ?






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The Corsair Vengeance I7400 has the PRO-Z690-A-WIFI as the motherboard. The system didn't come with any documentation on the motherboard, and I couldn't find anything on this site. Thank you very much, that does indeed answer my question.

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