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cmd rate 1T vs 2T


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athlon 64 3200+ @240 htt (10x240)

epox 9nda3+ (nf3)

value select (2x512) 2.5-3-3-7 @ .83x240 (166 divider) memory clock @ 200

ht x4


my system seems to run stable when command rate is at 2T vs 1T. I also ran twinx 3200LL and had stability problems at 2-3-2-6 with a cmd rate of 1T but haven't yet tried it at 2T. I have been reading threads about the difference between 1T and 2T cmd rates for a64 platforms and it seems that some synthetic benchmark tests show a big performance hit using 2T rather than 1T cmd rate but the difference in real world performance ie fps rates in games is negligible. Will twinx 3200LL run stable at a 1T cmd rate with a memory divider keeping the memory clock speed at or below 200? I know, at least in my system, that it won't and am not sure yet if it is a problem with the module or the 1T 2T thing. What cmd rate does the twinx 1024 4400 run at?




I just installed the 3200LL to see if it would work with a 2T setting and it won't even post. I changed the timing to stock at 2-3-2-6 and kept everything else the same. I think I've got a bad module. The value select is running stable at 2400Mhz prime95 for about an hour and memtest86 with no errors.

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