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RM1200x Shift Compatibility


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I want to combine a Corsair RM1200x Shift with a NZXT H7 Flow case but I'm afraid I don't have enough side space. My son has a H710i case and it is the same width. In this case, there is very little space next to the PSU (Corsair HX1200). Since the width of both case is the same, does anyone know if there is going to be enough room to not have to bend the cables too much?

Thanks for the help!

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I was planning to buy the RM1000x SHIFT. The shift psu shows up in the PSU finder when i select Lian Li Lancool 216 RGB black case (rtx 4090 + ryzen 7600 too)

However I see a reply from what looks like Lian Li support here confirming the case will not support shift psus? 

Can someone confirm which is right?


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