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Peripheral settings not showing.

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Hello, i have this issue since the begining, and absolutly nothing works, i never find any solutions on forums, in icue software (everything is updated of course), i can't see all peripheral settings when i clic on it, i only see from the top to response time optimisation. also i know that is an issue just because i saw a video showing that with the same mouse, the guy had more settings on screen. I can't scroll down to see the settings, because usually its not needed, everything should be shown in a single window. the response time letters are cut in half. i tryed to uninstall, reinstall, trigger some compatibility settings on launcher properties. still not showing at all. if anyone have an solution, i take everything 🙂 thx for the help you can provide me.

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Check your Windows resolution scaling setting and make sure it is set at 100% and not larger. It is likely the Windows scaling causing problems with the iCUE window displaying correctly as it has a minimum window size.



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