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bought k100, need alternatives


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Hey I just bought the k100, and i am not so happy. 

For me the negativ is:

- keys o loud
- distance of pushing a key is to far (sorry for my bad english i mean how deep down you got to push a key)

I know the benefits of this keyboard, but for the negativ points weigh more.

wich alternative from corsair could you recommend?

I would like to have:

silent, short distance of keys to push down, RGB, and the PBT Double-shot Pro should keys should fit.

bonus for extra keys on the left side like the k100

thx for your help


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Which version of the K100 do you have?  Optical or Red linear?  

The only other keyboards with left side G-keys are the K95 Pkatinums. The K95 XT comes with PBT double shot keys. However, if you have the optical K100 now, all other mechanical keys are going to make more noise comparatively and the key travel distance the same. Is this your first mechanical keyboard?


A possible option would be the K70 MK.2 “low profile”. These are reduced height keys with reduced travel distance. Those two factors greatly reduce noise. However, there will be no left side G keys. 

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