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Weird behavior when changing pump speed in iCUE

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I recently bought an iCUE H100i RGB PRO XT Liquid CPU cooler and now I have noticed that the pump probably it's not working properly(CPU reaches 70-80c when it's used 50-60%). The pump speed stays at 850 RPM in balanced mode, when I change the mode to extreme, it doesn't do anything and I hear a beep sound(like it is disconnecting and connecting again to the PC), and when I change the mode to quiet, the pump RPM gets to about 1600 RPM(and I can hear some crackling coming from it), it is very weird. I tried to force update the firmware and no change... + I unplugged and plugged back all the fires, still nothing...
Any chance that the firmware is bugged?
Thx. in advance!

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for me sounds this as hardware problem, i would recommend to contact Corsair customer support

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