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Big gaps between the XD7 and 7000x case


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Good morning,

Recently I bought the Corsair 7000x case and a Corsair XD7 pump/reservoir combo. I saw some pictures that some people put this reservoir on the side, but then you see only the pump, so I think that's a waste of money. I would do it in the front, but the front is 420 mm and the distro plate of the XD7 is 360mm, so you will have a 60 mm gap. A fan is a solution but the xd7 is very thick, so that's not clean. Do you have a solution?


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If you really have some space to use up, i may have a look at adding a 120mm radiator on the free space, and put the XD7 as low as possible. No idea if it would fit, but that could be one way to get some thickness going up there. And if it's doable, it would marginally help with water temps.

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I think I would look at some sort of plate or other barrier to cover the gaps.  That can be as simple or complex as you like and would allow the XD7 to stay centered.  I've done this before on a 280mm radiator in a 360mm space, but that was a darker case and all I need to do was block light from coming in.  Whatever you do here will be visible through the glass and somewhat visible.  

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