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iCUE H100i Elite Capellix Pump Failure

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Computer continues to overheat and shut off. Figured it was either by rgb controller which for some reason isn’t being detected in iCUE (I already have the latest version) or my AIO. If I plug in the pump 24-pin cable into my commander core, then all rgb from my fans and AIO powers off. The fans on the aio will also power off. However, if I unplug the 24-pin connector, all my rgb turns on and my fans begin to spin at full speed. Whether it not the cable is plugged in results in overheating and in both cases, pump’s rgb and I presume the pump itself does not power on. Ive checked my connections, drivers, windows, power supply and all seem to be good. First question, is the problem with iCUE or the AIO? Second question, if it is the pump, what can I do to repair or replace it? 

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Okay after fiddling with it some more I’ve noticed that icue only detects my rgb/fan control when I have the aio’s pump 24 pin disconnected. As soon as I reconnect the pins, the rgb for my fans shuts off and the controller is no longer detected. 

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