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Can’t uninstall icue

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Initial problem and attempted solution:

So I’m having my PC shut off roughly every five minutes due to overheating. Upon investigation, I found that none of the RGB in my fans work but they do spin; however the fans on my AIO CPU cooler do not spin or have working RGB. I entered the icue software which was out of date (version 4.15) and updated (now version 4.33). However this did not fix my problem.
     Further inspection showed me that icue is not detecting my rgb/fan controller. Now I’m attempting to uninstall icue entirely to reinstall it and see if that works. I’m accomplishing this through - control panel > programs > Corsair icue 4 > uninstall.
This then opens up a tab from icue asking me if I’d like to delete saved settings for all users and delete profiles backup. No meager what I click here, if I press next, it says “please wait while setup configures iCUE” what needs to be configured? Just uninstall it! Before the process reaches 100% my computer overheats and shuts down not allowing me to uninstall the software. 

I dont believe anything else to be the issue as my power supply  is more than enough to handle my computer, windows 10 is the latest version, and my rgb/fan controller works because when I unplug my fans, they stop spinning and when I plug them back in, they resume. 

please if anyone has a way to fix this let me know asap. I just want my computer back.


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The iCUE software is not going to prevent your fans from spinning up and cooling the system. If you are having overheating problems it would be highly recommended that you double check the installation of your cooler and its fans to make sure things are properly installed and connected. As for removing iCUE follow the instructions in the link below.



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