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Corsair 5000D Airflow USB 3.0 front ports don't recognize external hard drive.

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Hello community,

I just built a new PC with a Corsair 5000D Airflow and i just found the case doesn't recognize my external Seagate Hard drive (USB 3.0), the motherboard recognize the HD if i connect it from behind.

Light is on, apparently the case is not giving the HD enough power??

I can connect Samsung USB 3.0 sticks and an external pioneer optical drive without issues at front.

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more info.
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  • Corsair Employees

Front panel USB power is handled by the motherboard.

If other USB devices work with the front ports without issue then it would point to the problem being related to your USB device you are plugging in. We would recommend you reach out to the manufacturer of that drive if you continue having issues with it.

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Thanks for your interest.

Sadly the problem is the USB 3 cable included in the Corsair 5000d Airflow cases.

My external hard drive works just fine on my other old PC front usb 2.0 ports.

I have another external hard drive and the Corsair 5000d still doesn't recognize that drive.

I've been told the cables included on these cases are cheap but i can't affirm that.

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  • Solution

BTW for those who have the same issue here's the solution

Bought a USB 3.0 to C dongle and problem solved no issues with the C port included in these cases. The USB 3.0 are definitely faulty.

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