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New headset can't find it's transmitter

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I just got a replacement to a really nice headset that my cat  chewed through the cord.  Figured that loss of $180 was my cue to go wireless.  Didn't find much so I got a HS55 Core to see if I like it.

Unfortunately, I cannot get the headset paired with it's transmitter.  ICUE shows me both items, but tells me that it cannot find the headset, and when I attempt to pair the transmitter, the begin pairing option is greyed out.

I moved them to different USB ports, tried a different computer.  BTW, the bluetooth connection works fine.  I just don't have bluetooth on my desktop.  It does not have the option to run wired so there is no need to attempt that.

When I plug the transmitter in, my computer makes the device connected sound immediately followed by the device disconnected sound.   It does this every time it's plugged in and in multiple computers. 

Could the transmitter be bad?

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