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RGB not staying on with Murals enabled

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Started having issues with my RGB not staying and saving right, tracked it down to Murals lighting effects overwriting it (had to uncheck Mural's in order for it to not take those lighting effects), also Issues with "Device Settings" for some reason only allows me to go in with a fresh closeout and re opening of the app, once i have accessed it once it will not allow me to click and open "Device Settings" again. Anyone else having these same issues?

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  • Corsair Employee

Murals is a one click lighting solution for all iCUE compatible Corsair devices. When the effect is enabled it is intended to overwrite the existing effects set on a per device level. If you do not wish for the murals effects to be on you will need to unselect the effect.

As for your other issue, details about what specific device(s) you are referencing and screenshots of the issue you are describing would help providing some insight as to what is going on.

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