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iCUE causes Virtuoso headset to behave differently


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I have a virtuoso xt headset which I have been using without icue installed(due to the software not working properly on my old work computer, different thread). With my new computer I am able to install the software, which detects the headset as expected. But instead of the simple status beeps, I get these annoying voice prompts. I say annoying because listening to the voice speak about muting my mic makes it difficult to listen to a person talk during a conference or game. I found the option to disable voice prompts, but I still dont get the desired status beeps. Another issue is, instead of the mic led changing color instantly on un/mute, it now takes about 1000ms to change colors. And there appear to be no lighting controls for the mic. If I quit the icue software, the headset works as expected with status beeps and instant led status changes. I would be fine with this, except I need icue for my keyboard lighting and dozens of macros.

I am running the latest versions for all the hardware, with iicue v4.33.138.

  1. Is there an option in icue to get the status beeps instead of the voice prompts?
  2. Is there an option in icue to remove the delay from the mic status led color change?
  3. Is there a way to exclude the headset from being handled by icue? So my keyboard can still be handled by icue.
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