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JCorsair header on MSI mobo

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Hello, I have an MSI Z690 Edge motherboard and only have one corsair RGB header. I want to buy four fans (that come with the commander core. my case the Corsair 7000x also comes with the commander core. Lastly I want to purchase corsair's LCD AIO That AS WELL has a commander core. By chance does anyone know if I can sync them all and/or connect them to my motherboard? Can they all connect to each other and just one of them connects to the motherboard?

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RGB fans purchased in a multipack come with a “Lighting Node Core”. This is a RGB controller only. You will not need it and can purchase single fans vs multi packs based on price. 

The Elite Capellix units come with a Commander Core. This is a RGB + fan speed controller with 6 ports for RGB on one side and 6 PWM ports on the other. You must use this device as it also supplies power to the AIO pump. 

The 7000X comes with a Commander XT. This looks similar to the Commander Core but there is no AIO power delivery and it has an extra led channel for strips or something similar. It also will do RGB/speed for 6 fans. You likely will need this for the rest of the case fans. 

Corsair devices do not do ‘device to device’ communication. Each needs its own usb 2 internal connection so it can talk to the software and remain independent. Do not connect your Commander Core to the motherboard through the Commander XT usb passthrough. Stacking the devices on the same line will lead to connection issues. So as things stand, you need 2 internal usb 2.0 ports. You have should have two on most motherboards. 

You will not use the JCorsair header. It offers limited motherboard control over fan RGB. This would offer fewer options and is not meant to control a large system with multiple components. 

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