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iCue and Hue integration brightness

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iCuee 4.33.138

Hue Sync

I have iCUE and Hue working together fine. However, when my office lights (1 bulb, 2 light strips) are under iCue control, the lights brightness (output) is about half of when they are under Hue control. The brightness in iCue is set at 100%. When I start the Hue app to control the lights, they immediately are around 40-50% brighter. Is this a known issue ?

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Not be sure which components do you use now.

You mean with "Hue Sync" the "HDMI Sync Box" or a "Hue Bridge" ?

Did you set the 100% brightness in Device Settings or in the Icue effect ? You know that you can do both ?


Myself, if i connect my "HUE Bridge" mit software 1.56.1956046040 , use a entertainment area which i have included 2x "Hue Go" and 3x "Hue Strip", then these are working with 100% brightness, if i choice this in device settings and icue color effect. Here i mean i have no difference between maximum real brightness, between ICUE controlled or HUE controlled.

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It’s a Hue bridge. An entertainment zone with 1 smart bulb and 2 light strips. Under device settings it is at 100%. Strange. 

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