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HS80 and Harpoon slipstream connection not syncing

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I have a fresh install of ICUE 4.33.138, New hs80 and Harpoon RGB Wireless devices. HS80 dongle is plugged in and both devices are wired. USB wireless receiver paring is available to select and pair. Selecting pair shows a headset icon with usb connected and it pairs to the headset. The additional devices option is greyed out and the mouse in not able to pair. I plug in both adapters and each device syncs only to its own adapter. the additional pair option stays greyed out as shown in the picture. 

Second just to check if a firmware update may fix i get the issue in picture 2. All update checks fail instantly. 

I've done all the uninstall/ regedit steps and none helped. Any idea what can get these to sync properly?

Pic 1.PNG

Pic 2.PNG

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