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iCUE 4.33.138 Changed Fan Behavior/Wiped Dashboard

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This is more an FYI/bug report than anything else, but after the most recent iCUE update I noticed my fans were running more and louder despite me not making any changes, even at idle when my fans would have tended to turn off.  I do have Corsair water cooling, and I did run the Wizard again and so far that seems to have solved that issue.

The other issue is my Dashboard was wiped, and I think rebooting the PC might tend to wipe it again as I went in today and it was wiped again.  I have not been able to reproduce this behavior, so hopefully an unlucky glitch for me.

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Dashboards wipes are unfortunately common and can occur from boot to boot, not just on version change. This has been a lingering problem. 

Unsure on fan behavior. There was an update to the Commander XT curves which could have caused this. Don’t know if you are on an AIO (Commander Core) or something else. 

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