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K100 RBG random stops working - no input, but RBG lighting still works

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The keys stop responding, but the RGB lighting continues. The only fix is unplugging and plugging back in the USB cables. I have been experiencing this about 3 months now. Happens probably 4 or 5 times a week. I contacted corsair support, they ran tests to confirm that it was not my system or any applications. I then sent the keyboard back and received a new one. The problem continued with the replacement keyboard.

Since then I have also built a new computer. New MOBO, CPU, and PSU. I even bought a 1k PSU assuming the USB ports weren't getting enough power. Also upgraded from windows 10 to 11. Still having the issue. I'm considering plugging in my old keyboard until its fixed.

Assuming this is most likely a software issue. I have seen other threads where the keyboard is no longer allowing firmware updates. Is there any word on this issue with an expected software fix?

When the keyboard is working I love it, but I've already lost competitive games online because of the keyboard dying mid match. When this is resolved I highly recommend the keyboard, but until then hold off on upgrading.

CPU: Intel i7 13700k


PSU: Corsair HX1000i

Corsair firmware.png

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