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K70 keyboard wrist rest rubs up on keys

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Hi Corsair,

You make products that I want to buy; always solid and they last a long time/durable.

This isn't dire, just annoying. If I push my K70 keyboard by the wrist rest forward and then later pull the keyboard back to type the wrist rest rides up against the "0", "." and "Ent" keys on the right side of the keyboard. After unboxing and setting the keyboard up this happened and I thought those 3 keys were defective. 

The magnetic tabs "sit" to far into the body of the keyboard-accepting groove. I stick tape in that gap to sort-of prevent the wrist rest from rubbing up against the "O, ., Ent" keys.

Its like the wrist rest magnetic tabs were ground about 1 mm off to much.

This is annoying when I type but it's not a deal breaker either. FYI I like the K70 wrist rest of the K100; the wheel volume control is awesome.




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