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H150i PRO XT AIO disconnect/reconnects every few minutes

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Like the title says. Every few minutes my H150i AIO will disconnect then reconnect. The USB disconnect/connect sounds play, the LED's on the pump turn on and off, and i can clearly hear the pump and fans ramp up a split second after they reconnect. Disabled USB Selective Suspend Setting in Power Options, and i have no USB link cable from the pump straight to my motherboard, so with those 2 out of the way im all out of old Forum material. Notably this has been happening for at least some months now, but it seems like now my keyboard (Hyperx Alloy Elite) also disconnects alongside the cooler, not really *that* that often, but frequently enough to where it seems to coincide. But again, it is mostly the cooler. Today its been with just 2-5 minute breaks between, other days it sems like theres at least a good few hours between, but due to how bad it is today i cant ignore it anymore. 

pls help.

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