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Dominator RGB RAM LEDs full brightness - overrides profile - can't control

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Since updating to the latest iCUE with Murals my DRAM LEDS have been at full brightness, and do not respect iCUE settings.
I have updated RAM firmware to latest, updated iCUE to latest.
I have created new blank profiles, set RAM colors to black, but it does not change the LEDS.
I also made sure there are no alerts.
This issue exists in all selected Murals too - the RAM are static full orange.

RAM Hardware lighting works for example in the RAIN mode, but as soon as I exit Hardware lighting for RAM the LEDs go full brightness in a color I do not select.
Sleep mode for system respects Hardware Lighting green/white RAIN mode

See image, the RAM are all full orange, they should be green/white RAIN mode.
All other devices (Lighting Node Core, Lighting Node Pro x2. K70RGB, Scimitar mouse) work as normal

iCUE has been working well for a while - it seems the Murals update has caused an issue.
Suggestions, fixes welcome.


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