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Corsair's failure to have reliable software.

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After months and months of constant software issues i have decided to make a thread talking about my experiences with Corsair's Icue software.  I've noticed every time i installed a windows update or graphics driver update the Widgets i have on the dashboard are continuously deleting itself And no matter what i do to fix the problem the issue keeps coming back over and over. I'm getting really tired of having to manually activate the widgets i'd like to display every time i update windows or update a graphics driver. I'd like to hear other users experience regarding this issue.

Another issue i've been having is incorrect core count displayed, I have an intel i7 9800x with 8 cores But the cpu widget is displaying 1-9 cores with 9 being seven instead of 7 being seven 1-8 cores. I've noticed this issue has been going on for over a year with no fix. I'd like to hear from other users regarding this same issue.

My conclusion has come to know that corsair doesn't really care or appreciate it's software which is used by thousands of people and to which is used by multiple of its product Keyboards, mice, headset etc. Why has corsair failed so miserably at building a reliable software which is updated on a regular basis but those updates fail to resolve multiple issues that have been going on for far to long ?

I think this is a very serious issue that corsair needs to look into and fix asap.

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