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H100i Elite Capellix - set min rpm of pump below 2250

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I have just completed my build with an i5 10700k and a H100i Elite Capellix AIO. 

It is mounted correctly and also the temp of the CPU is perfect, BUT the pump does make an unexceptional loud noise.

Currently it is set to "Silent" but still has 2250 - 2300 RPM... which is definitely not quiet. 

Since I have some kind of open case concept, I can hear the pump very clearly and ONLY the pump. 

So is there a way so set the RPM even lower? If not, there is nothing else which I can do but only to send it back and use another AIO which is quieter. 


(And yes, I did let the AIO run for some time, almost 5 hours yet and nothing changed in noise)

(And I have also tried to change some values in the config file under %appdata% -> Corsair -> Cooling but nothing changed in the application).


Thanks in advance for any help!





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Set some values here:


Now it is running at 1950 RPM which seems to be the minimum.

I will order another AIO, if that is quieter, I will change them and send the H100i back.

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