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K95 Platinum Keyboard Flashing Keys During Win 10 Login Process

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I have a K95 Platinum keyboard. I have the most recent iCUE software installed. When I start my Windows 10 computer the keyboard starts with randomly appearing LEDs on the keys turning on and off. This just makes the Windows 10 login process more difficult due to these flashing keyboard keys. How do I change this to having the keyboard just start up with plain white key lights on solid with no flashing?



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"Flashing" is not a normal keyboard operation and not really part of the warning patterns either.  Is there a corresponding Windows device disconnect/reconnect along with that?  On the other hand, if you are describing the Rain lighting pattern from CUE, hit the profile key above F2.  If you have a K95 Platinum there should be 3 save slots and #2 is rain.  From memory, slot 3 is color shift and slot is 1 rainbow wave.  These can be overwritten using the hardware lighting setting and then save to the slot from the Device Settings tab.

Screenshot (63).png

Screenshot (64).png

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