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iCUE Dashboard / Nexus CPU / GPU load values wrong

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I am sure I have seen it mentioned on the forums before that the CPU load value iCUE shows on the Dashboard (and then displays on the Nexus) is incorrect.

It does not tally with Taskmanager or other CPU load monitoring. Highest I ever see iCUE go is 30-40%, even when others show much higher.

I recently noticed that iCUE now shows the GPU load for my 3090FE, a feature I have long wanted. However that turned to disapointment straight away, as the value is completely wrong.

It never goes about 5-6%, even when the GPU is pegged at 99% during a game session.


Id love to see iCUE not only show more activity meters (basically all the ones from task manager would be great!) but before we get to that... the ones it does have need to be accurate.

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just to give you additional information to this topic.

Have only RTX2080Super, here i see that the number of percentage will be allways wrong. The displayed graph will be right or not in regard of the type of graphic load.

So it´s here different if its video load via direct 9, 10, 11 or 12 , also via other load.

Of course it´s also exists different graphic card load in regard of game and settings. So some have then the load at "3D", but other in "copy" or other.  

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