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I'm upgrading my GPU to a RTX3080, and I have an RM850X PSU. Previously I was able to power my 220W GPU from the single pigtailed PCIe cable.  There are multiple warnings on the net against trying to power the 3080 with the single cable, not because an 850W PSU is insufficient, but because the wiring - and most particularly the splitters - are of insufficient build quality. However, the PSU - and more particularly its cable(s) - are of relatively recent build. So 1) does the warning still apply, and specifically to the corsair braided cable, or can I actually power the 3080 from the one cable?  If not - 2)  I can find a second braided cable with a 6+2 "PCIe" connector on the end: but it has "CPU" written on it.  Is that usable in conjunction with the "proper" PCIe cable to power a 3080?


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When you use a pigtail cable on a high power GPU, the voltage drops will cause instability. In extreme cases it will heat up the cable too. It's awlays better to use one cable per PCIE connector.

The CPU cables are 4+4 pins, and not 6+2 pins, so that's odd if you have a 6+2 that says CPU. 


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Thank you.  PC builder had told me to expect a second cable 'tucked away', and wasn't concerned when I queried the "CPU" marking.  Its definitely 6+2, and I've checked "CPU" with a magnifying glass! (but it has a double width locking clip) so I take it that is, indeed, the 'second' GPU Cable and that I should be OK.

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