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How does this even work- icue noob

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I need help understanding icue, which honestly is the worst program ive used in a long time. So I bought a H170 capellix, so its got RGB on the pump and the 3 fans. First of all it took me 30 minutes to figure out how to even change the lighting. I dont understand what these murals are at all, but they dont seem to be what i want. I want easily configured fancy nice effects, Now  If i go into the lighting effects in icue, v4.33.138, i cant seem to change the effects for both the pump and the fans at the same time.

I can go into Hardware Lighting. These effects actually look great, but how do i get them to just stay there. I i go anywhere else they get reset, and there is no save button. Now i can individually change the pump or the fans RGB, but then they arent in sync like they are with the hardware lighting. It makes literally no sense. On hardware lighting i can, for instance, choose "Arc". Okay cool, go anywhere do anything it goes away, so lets go into the fans lighting layers to toggle it, o wait it doesnt have it. But the pump does, huh. 

Like what even is this program. How can i just set a nice fancy lighting effect and be on my way?

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Avoid murals for now. It is a lighting blanket that covers over all individual effects. This is useful for a quick, non-specific effect like turning everything rainbow or black (off). 

Hardware Lighting is what the hardware does when CUE is not running. These are simple or single effects and must be written to the device in order to function. CUE will “preview” the effect on that device when selected, but be aware that is a software version of the effect and does not always match what the device can do. Many devices have simplified versions of the effect designed for the limited internal capability. Set HW Lighting to what you want to see on boot. 

You want to be in “Lighting Effects” to set up your gear and these patterns will load once you are in the OS and CUE loads. Here you will find the highest number of effects and the ability to layer them as well as selective application down to each LED. 

I don’t have a working Elite Capellix unit. In your lighting effects, does it not show “buttons” for fans 1-3 and the pump?  If you have the LCD top you it will definitely be a separate lighting section. Either way you should be able to set identical or complimentary patterns on each. 

At the very bottom of the lighting presets are several “lighting link” effects. These are more general presets that when selected create the effect on all CUE devices. This will make everything do the same pattern in a click or two, but offers fewer lighting choices since many of the complex effects can’t work on all devices. 

For timed patterns, you often will end up “out of sync” during the creation process since you are unlikely to create each effect at exactly the same point in the timing cycle. You can reset the lighting timer by switching to another profile and then back to the one you are working on. All effects then start over at second 0.0. Occasionally the timer doesn’t reset for whatever reason. In that instance you need to quit CUE and restart to sync the lighting clocks again. 

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