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Corsair 150I elite capalix High Liquid temps but normal cpu temps


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High Liquid temps but normal cpu temperature could the sensor be faulty?

Liquid Temps 46 Degrees

CPU Temp playing hogwarts 66 degrees seems odd

The cpu i'm using is a 13700k


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the temperatures aren't out of the ordinary. but that water temperature could be mainly caused by your GPU heat if the H150 is installed on top of the case with the fans as exhaust. Even if your CPU isn't much stressed, the water temperature would rise quite a bit because of that.

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In order to assess the AIO functionality, boot up after the PC has been shut down for a while. The coolant temp should be just above room temp when boot into Eindows and then very slowly creep up to +4-7C above room temp after 10-15 min as you browse or sit idle. If the H150i Temp climbs into the 40s while idle, that suggests an internal problem. 

If it stays in that just above room temp range until you start gaming, then as suggested above the gpu is heating the case and the radiator along with it. You may want to set up your own fan curve. Running max fan speeds in top exhaust may simply pull more heat from the gpu through the radiator. 

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