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Audio visualizer not working

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I have a k70 RGB pro keyboard, a corsair virtuoso headset and the corsair st100 headset stand. The audio visualizer does not work on the virtuoso headset but when I switch the windows output to the st100 the visualizer works but when I switch it back to the virtuoso it does not work again. Is the software not recognizing the virtuoso as a headset? cause it's kinda weird that it works on the st100 and not on the virtuoso. 

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Same issue here. All drivers are up-to-date according to iCue, I am using the K57 keyboard and the Virutoso XT headphones, yet the Audio Visualizer effect does not work at all on the keyboard and is only triggered when I set the audio output to the stand ST100.

  • I am using Windows 11 and everything is up-to-date (public build, NOT insider).
  • iCue was installed within the last 12 hours.
  • All devices are connected via their original USB cable and/or wireless receiver. The receiver that came with the Virtuoso XT is paired only to the headphones, mouse and keyboard use their own receiver. 
  • I've rebooted the computer several times after following different troubleshooting found on other posts.
  • This issue keeps occurring regardless of whether I am using Dolby Atmos or not. 
  • The wireless receiver for the headphones is connected directly to the PC. Same goes for all USB cables, nothing is plugged in to the ST100 aside from the power cable and a XBox controller wireless receiver.
  • The Audio Visualizer is currently the only effect on the keyboard. 
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