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Xeneon Flex Auto brightness

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is there a way too disable auto brightness on the "Xeneon Flex" 

It's really annoying when it makes white images a little dimmer, and dark images look amazing. have tried everything in the windows settings to get it to stop, but nothing works....

It is very noticeable in outlook if you have an email with a dark background and another with a white background, switch between the emails and you will notice the dimming

Anyone else feeling the same...?

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Try "Brightness Stabilizer" function.

The function lowers the maximum brightness level up to 150 nits, but there's no brightness change by it's contents.

Obviously it's not a feature for gamers, but I guess it may fit in your office scenes.


To turn it on, open up the monitor's menu and you can find it at  "System Setting" > "Brightness Stabilizer"

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I bought this monitor, and it's great, except tha maximum (full white) brightness. I updated to 1.07 and that caused some improvement, but i would like more.

Is it possible from Corsair site to share firmware source code to make diy custom firmware to make a little bit brighter full white screen or make as Corsair an official new one. I can accept if somebody is installing it, than loose the burn-in warranty with an approve from user... I know, the panel able to do more and better white picture and i'm really dissapointed right now with this brightmess level.

Another idea, if the heat on back side the problem of the pixels (generaring too much heat with white and this level of refresh rate), some kind of Corsair official heating solution on the back, separatly sell, will a great deal (and a lot of back side USB connection available at the back side...), will instant buy for me, and i think, lot of monitor owners as well.

Please help Corsair to incrase user experience used of this product.



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