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Corsair Support is not helping because I live in Turkey.

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Hello my ticket number is  #200587415, I have a huge problem and I'm trying to get help but Corsair Support is constantly trying to escape the problem. I've K60 low profile, but my four switches had moss inside of them. Yes. Moss. Cherry MX stainless steel switches has moss. So while I was trying to clean it up I broke one of thems lock. So, I contacted my seller and they send the keyboard to Corsair. Which is named PENTA in my country. Well, they wanted $35 for replacement and accused me breaking the keys. The problem is none of the keys are broken expect one switch. Yes. I rejected this and got the keyboard damaged. I'm trying to explain this to corsair support for over a month but support is insisting on blaming me for me problem and marking the ticket as solved. Yes. Without solving. If Corsair cannot reach customers in Turkey why are you selling products in Turkey? I've lots of Corsair products but I'm dealing with lot of stuff in here. Seller blames Corsair which named ITOPYA, Corsair affiliated company named Penta blames seller. They're both distributors of Corsair. Corsair, supports blames me. Are there anyone in Corsair actually support with a technical knowledge can explain me how my almost brand new keyboard gets a moss inside of switches which are stainless steel and water resistant? I still cannot find any explanation.  


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