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iCue CPU Load not matching windows Task Manager CPU Utilization

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I recently install the LCD display on to H170i AIO.  I was hoping to utilize that display to see the CPU Load and CPU Temp.  I was able to use dual to see both.

But the problem is CPU Load display onto the screen is always very low utilization.  Very slow to react to actual CPU Utilization in Windows Task.  For example, Windows Utilization is 8%.  CPU load is only showing: 1%.

I notice this trend only after install the new LCD display.  Prior to install the LCD, iCUE didnt seem to have any issue of CPU Load.

CPU Load vs Utilization not matching.jpg

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just as additional information :

the ICUE display same values as AIDA64. Both seems wrong. HWinfo64 should to use right values.

So here my values if i have started CPU-Stress via CPU-Z :

ICUE & AIDA64 about 80 % CPU usage

HWInfo64 and Task-Manager 100% CPU usage


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can someone from Corsair iCue team fix the bug?  This is making the new display i got for my H170 pretty much useless in display any real CPU usage percent.  CPU Load is useless when it does not display usage most of the time.    I have 13900K.   it display temperature 1-24 cores on dashboard.  Means i should be able to display 1-24 core usage.  On my AIO display, i select Core #1 to display, it also doesnt match up to Task Manager CPU Core 0.  I can see that my Core 0 from task manager it using approx 70%.. but in display as CPU#1, it only display 40ish...  and went through few diff CPU#.. nothing seems to be accurate as task manager..  PLEASE ... PLEASE.. fix this..

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A quick search around will tell you Microsoft introduced this problem with their Win 11 22H2 update and it affected all programs. Some programs were able to apply a relative fix but apparently there is still a discrepancy between percentages when the turbo boost is engaged. It seems an exact match to the task manager is not possible at this time unless you disable turbo boost, which is a silly trade to make. CUE uses the CPUID service to fetch this data. There may be more information at their website or HWMonitor that uses the same or check out any of the other programs like AIDA, HWinfo to see what they say. 

Using a cycling display rotation to try and catch two very dynamic values like CPU temp and % may not be necessary anyway.  They are going to have a direct relationship and the CPU temp is the more critical of the two.  You might as well stick to the one that works.  You don’t want CUE polling 10 times per second to create a hyper accurate map.  Generally it pills every 2 seconds to reduce performance impact so the LCD is only going to catch sustained changes.



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