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Not sure if this is still relevant but first of all, what model do you have? The reason for the question is because the orientation of the GPU is different depending on the model. 2017/18 versions had the GPU bracket mounted at the upper part of the case, while 2019 onwards and current models have the GPU bracket mounted at the lower part of the case. I have a 2017 model so I can tell you that any 280mm card will fit just fine but make sure it is not too wide. I put an RTX 3070 which is L=280, W=115, H=41.

If you have a 2019 model then I am actually not sure if you can fit a 3 fan GPU in it as the mounting orientation changed and so I do not know how much room you have length wise. I think a 2 fan GPU might be fine but again, not sure. Wish I could get a 2019 model to fiddle around with and find out. Also, when upgrading the GPU, you will have to get a new riser cable that supports at least PCIe gen 3. Again, I can only speak for 2017 model, that one had a gen 2 riser cable only so I couldn't get an image displayed on the monitor until I realised I had to get a gen 3.

As for the motherboard, most ITX motherboards (including x670) will fit but you have to make sure that the mounting bracket of the liquid cooler will be compatible. If not you might have to look into compact air coolers which work well but it depends on not fitting a CPU that's too powerful. If the C1 model you have has an intel motherboard then I can tell you the cooler bracket will fit 12th and 13th gen but you will have to buy the revised mounting screws for LGA1700 socket. Hope this helps.

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