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HELP !! Corsair RMA Support Does not response Since 17 DAYS

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Hello ALL

My ax1200i psu has been failed while playing game. PSU suddenly cut off power and pc has been gone. Then uninstall psu from pc case and and test it with self test button and no light on or no power. Some relay noise coming from psu inside but as i said psu not response any test.

I have been tryed another brand make psu, my pc work without issue.

I have been created ticket but since 17days past but still no answer and no approve my rma. 

I added serial number and video about fail. MY unit still under warranty ..

TICKET NUMBER #2005908628

I have been really disappointed in this situation, in a 9 years my ax1200i psu 5times failed without any reason!!

Can some corsair support person  look at it this case and can  approve rma ?

Thank you.

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In a 20th day. My rma still in process. 

Thanks to Eric K. and William.  My ticket has been marked it as a higher priority.

After all rma process complated, i will give a feed back. 

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Hello all,

30TH day, My ax1200i will be replacement with hx1500i because there is no more ax1200i product line. All know, axi product line high end series than the hxi series 

I asking the question corsair support team... while  axi line series still in production why my axi1200 replacement with hx1500i ? axi series not equal with hxi series. 


according to me ax1200i must be replacement with ax1500i or ax1600i. SO i have really dissapointed.

thanks all.

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