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Macro Record button....again...


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so I've been searching for ways around the icue macro recording issue.... to sum it up I'm fed up at how little you guys care about your community. anyway I've been trying to make a mouse macro and I keep getting held up when I start and stop recording because sometimes its a few hundred separate commands and sometimes a few thousand that I have to go back through and manually delete. individually going through each command to delete it is appalling coming for "Corsair" a company that claims to be about its community. I've seen many threads ranging from 2018 until now on many different forums and still not a damn things changed. Funny thing is  companies I wouldn't even think about buying products from because they are no name brands have this quality of life feature.. just add a button to start and stop recording macros, please.. I'm a huge fan of the DarkCore Pro SE and id rather not switch brands because of the sheer lack of caring about what the people who put money in your pockets have to say. your customers made your company what it is today. Show that your listening its been 5 years since the first article I've seen was put out. 5 years and plenty of updates since and still nothing on one of the bigger features a mouse can have.

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Just to echo this comment.

Corsair makes the most expensive yet in many regards, least well design keyboards and mice.  The software and UI related items are a nightmare but just to hit that same nail on the head here - why for the love of all isn't there a Macro Record (start/stop) button available on the device?  Not via the software and several clicks.

Heres what we want.

I'm in a game or program and notice that I'm repeating several keystrokes.  I should be able to record a macro right then and there!!!!  You can do this with plenty of less expensive devices.  If Logitech ever improves their hardware a little bit I'll be happy to move back to them since they are much better at these things that Corsair apparently cannot manage to deliver as quality of life.

So frustrating.  And if you've got the fancy iCUE Nexus like me, you'd think they'd just add the macro record button as an option there - but nooooooo.


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