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1000D Fan Configuration Options

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Greetings I have a 1000D case and I am trying to get my fan configuration maximized.

In the top tray I have the H170i ELITE CAPELLIX with the three fans that comes with.

In the front tray I have three ML140 PRO fans.

This takes up the entire Commander Core that came with the CPU cooler.

I then have another ML140 Pro for exhaust, I tried to fit two but they will not fit.  I then got a ML120 thinking that would fit in but it will not fit either because the 140 covers the top holes to mount another fan below it.

Would I be better off switching to two ML120s and ditching the ML140? Or will the ML140 be sufficient/best option?

Also I can power those one/two extra fans but there is no way to get the LEDS plugged into the 1000D onboard controller since its LED connections are 3 pin not 4 pin.  Is there a way to get those connected without getting a whole other core?

Thanks for any assistance.

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