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Hydro H60 (2013) and AM4 mounting question

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Haven't visited these forums in many moons it seems--completely different now and I had to update my registration, but got that taken care of 🙂

To my question...  I have two Corsair H60 units, of the "2013" variety in use in two different machines--both are on Intel platforms.  I'm looking to repurpose one of them for a new install on an AM4 socket, however I'm confused about AM4 compatibility...

Because I'm one of those people that saves boxes 😆 I actually still have the original boxes for both units.  One was purchased in late 2013 but the other was purchased later on, I'm not sure when though it was definitely after 2017 since it was purchased (and used for) a Coffee Lake CPU.  The one purchased later has a yellow sticker on the back of the box that shows AM4 with checkmark beside it.  I assume this means it had a bracket that can be used with...AM4.  Seems straightforward enough...

However when I opened the boxes to see what parts are in there the AMD bracket in both of them...looks exactly the same.  What is (or should be) the difference between the AM4-compatible bracket/hardware compared to the old version that (according to the box) only goes up to AM3?  I seem to be missing some of the screws and standoffs in the older unit's box but I think that's because I either used them for something else or just didn't leave them in the box and they are elsewhere.  The newer box (with the "AM4" marking) has the plate along with standoffs and the "loop screws" but I'm not entirely sure if this actually fits AM4 or not.

Is there some way for me to tell if this is correct?  I have an AM4 motherboard at the moment but no CPU (and I haven't disassembled the machine with the H60 I'd be using yet either).  I'm attaching a pic of the bracket and screws in the newer H60's box that has the AM4 sticker on it...  Would appreciate any advice!



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Hmm, it seems like I might be able to answer my own question here lol.  I just checked the bracket and the loop screws on the AM4 board and everything seems to line up correctly.

I can't seem to find a way to edit my first post but it seems AM3 coolers fit on AM4 boards fine, provided they use the plastic retention bars on the board which this does.  So does that mean even the older H60 that doesn't have the AM4 sticker...was always compatible with AM4? 


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