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lighting node pro fuse replacement

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hi there good people hope you are all well .

i have a blown fuse on my lnp .checked with multimeter its  defo gone(bummer ikr) .

does anyone have any idea what replacement fuse i require to replace it . 
thanks in advance .

i hope im checking the right part here dead part circled red .green circle one continuity fine 


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Well, SATA power is limited to 4.5A per voltage rail.

If that fuse is on the 5V line feed (i don't even know if the LNP uses 12V..) that may be a starting point.

maybe with a bit of signal tracing you'll be able to see if it protects the whole unit, or if they have one fuse per output.. 

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its defo on the 5v line i tested both the ports and continuity on the red one does not pass through the side of the component arrowed red .looking at the smd parts table its stating it to be as circled here.not sure if its correct though ?has anyone been able to actually repair one 




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