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Obsidian 1000D front logo RGB without Commander Pro?

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I'm currently running a non-Windows OS on my Obsidian 1000D so I am not using the Commander Pro at all.

Instead, I am using a remote control ARGB controller for everything.

I am not familiar at all with the 2 cables coming off from the Corsair logo at the front. Is there any way of making it work with my ARGB controller? What is the cable needed to convert those 2 cables to the standard 3-pin ARGB connector?


PS: Photo is not mine (just one I found off Google but those are the 2 cables I am referring to).


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you'd need one of those, or equivalent.


the female connector is an input, the other an output (like a RGB strip), so you only need to connect the IN to a controller., the other you can leave dangling.

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