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Over the last month my computer has become very unstable. I tried different components, but no change. I started to suspect memory. I have two sticks of Corsair XMS-3200 Memory. I removed one stick, and the computer would not boot to windows, it would get as far as windows loading and just re-boot. I ran Memtest86 and it showed multiple errors. I then removed this stick and installed the other. The computer booted up fine, but after 15 minutes and some web surfing a small window appeared stating some kind of memory access violation, the computer froze and I had to reboot. I then ran Memtest86 on this stick. It ran much longer, but eventually found some errors. For the time being, I am using some old memory from an older machine so I can use my computer, but I need to know what to do. I purchased this Memory as a matched pair from NewEgg on September 8, 2004. Should I try to return it to NewEgg or at this point will Corsair help me with this ? Please Help ? Thanks.
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