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Loss of Function after update

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I have some remaps setup on the G keys on my K95. They were for Star Citizen camera controls and where a combination of F4+KP1 and the other numbers. I seem to have lost this function now.

Am I no longer able to choose what combination of keys I want to put on a single key? Am I now stuck with only using Alt, shift, and CTRL? This is what it is suggestion and doesn't work for what I need.

Also have a problem when I Alt+TAB out of a window or click on a different window it switches to a different profile now. How do I stop this from happening?

Thanks in Advance

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Before you start reprogramming, try running a repair install from the Windows Apps menu. Select Corsair iCUE and “modify” from the drop down menu. This will not erase profiles or settings but it does often clean up weird issues like macro malfunction or improper KB/mouse response. 

Do you have your Star Citizen profile linked to the game exe so it switches automatically?  If so, it works the opposite way too and will shift back to your default profile when the desktop or any other app is in focus. If that’s too annoying, then it’s better to manually select your SC profile before starting the game. It will then stay active until you choose something else or reboot. 

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I ended up reinstalling but kept my profiles and nothing has changed. I don't have it linked to that game specifically. I actually use it for most of my gaming. I have other hotkeys for recording setup on it. I've recently switched the profile to be my main profile. I'm going to see if that effects how it switches. 

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OK, it is possible there is a bug in the current CUE preventing them from working, but these are often very specific as to how it affects one user or another.  There has been some chatter about combination or double macros the last few releases, but I have not been following closely.  A little concerning if it is switching profiles around without reason.  That could suggest a deeper issue with the CUE registry requiring a clean install.  I hate to tell you to run out and do that since it is a bit of work and does not guarantee a resolution.  The directions are below if you want to follow this path.  


Make sure you have exported profile saves for anything that matters to you before doing this.  It will wipe out the current settings as well as previous archived builds.  So if you want to roll back to a prior version, you do that before the clean install.  



V 4.32


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