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Cannot get RBP Light Strips on LNP Working Properly

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I've had the following Corsair setup for 5 years now. The LED strips / LNP piece has never really worked properly and I kind of gave up. I'm back at it and determined to figure out what is wrong here.

The full setup:
- H150i AIO Cooler connected to motherboard 9pin USB
- 6x LL-120 Fans connected to RGB LED Hub 1 and to Commander Pro fan control 1-6
- 3x SP-120 Fans connected to RGB LED Hub 2 and H150i AIO Cooler
- 2x RGB LED Hub (1 & 2 above) connected to LED 1 & 2 on the Commander Pro
- 4x LED Strips connected to Lighting Node Pro (same channel), which is connected to USB 9pin on Commander Pro
- Commander Pro connected to motherboard 9pin USB
- Dark Core SE
- K95 RGB Platnium
- 2x Vengance RGB

The Issue:
I've always had issues with the 4 LED strips and Lighting Node Pro. It is rarely functional, and when it is function - lasts only a small time before becoming unresponsive again or stuck on a certain lighting profile. The LNP and strips always show up in iCUE, but the strips themselves are not responsive to any changes. 

Troubleshooting attempts:
- Checked all cable connections on LNP and strips
- Have tried running LNP off various case USB ports as well as directly connected to the Commander Pro 9pin
- Have tried running LNP off both Case SATA power, and on external direct plug SATA adapter power.
- Removed LNP extension cable, tried with this both in and out.
- Tried moving strips to Channel 2 on LNP
- Have a spare LNP never used, swapped this in to replace the old one.

All the above attempts to resolve this result in the same experience. Sometimes one of these methods would suddenly work and I'd think that I figured it out, only to have it freeze up again several minutes or hours later. 

What can I do or check on here to get these LED strips on the LNP working properly?

Thanks kindly

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