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H170i Elite Capellix Pump Failure


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Hey all, I have a brand new H170i Installed on to a ASUS ROG Strix Z790-A MOBO. I have connected to known good SATA power on my Thermaltake 1350w PSU. I have re-seated all connections on commander module. Fans are running 100% on startup. My RGB on the H170i is half lit green on the bottom (see picture). Temps on my I9-13900k range between 40-65 C in the ICUE. I have forced update on the H170i and it gives me approx. 10 seconds of "working" prior to giving me a "pump failure" alert. 

Does anyone have any ideas that I have not tried? From what I've been reading the Corsair coolers have been notorious for having pump failure issues. Any help is appreciated, thanks!


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It's hard to say and since power to the pump is routed through the Commander Core, issues anywhere in that chain can cause a problem.  There are several persistent issues with the Elite Capellix coolers and they can appear to overlap at times.  One of these is a "false" pump fail warning.  The pump is still running, but it locks out the CUE controls and that is a problem in itself regardless of whether the pump is running or not.  On the user side, all you can do is a full shutdown and then flip the PSU off.  Disconnect the SATA connector for the Commander Core and the wide 20+ pin cable on the side that leads to the pump.  Reconnect them both and make sure the white stripe is line up on the wide side connector.  Flip the PSU back on and start up normally.  This should force all the components to do a full hardware check on boot.  One of the more common errors is an imperfect connection between that wide cable and the Com Core and also on the LCD top end for those units.  That is certainly not source of all of the problems, but it is one that is user resolvable.


If this does not work, you will need to contact Corsair Support.  It's possible a side loaded firmware file might restore functionality.  Be careful in doing this on your own as there are different hardware versions with different firmware files.  If this is a new unit you likely have exchange options with the vendor.  If you now consistently get this "pump fail warning" when CUE loads (sometimes 10 seconds or so after the software opens), then I suggest exchange/replacement.  That is a hardware issue without a user side fix.  

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