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Unknown RGB Software Installed on PC

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Not sure if this has been brought up on the forums previously, but came across some information and video in my research in trying to explain my iCue issues etc.

In my research found some articles and vidoes advising that a lot of branded RGB software installs other branded software when you install theirs. Apparently saves them writing the code etc for plug in support etc.

So I started checking my system and to my knowledge I had only installed Asus and Corsair RGB software, that is the only hardware I have. But for some reason, my PC was also running RGB software for Razer, Patriot and Gigabyte, all running in the background. I have never had any of their hardware on this new build.

Not sure if this is the cause of my stability issues or if it might be causing issues with others, all trying to pull the same information etc. Attached video explains it better then me. It is about 12 months old, so not sure if is current but as I said, I had 3 other RGB software running on my PC.


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When you install armory crate, it installs drivers for a ton of brands of RGB RAM. That's most likely where they all come from on your PC.

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