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XMS 4400C25 errs Memtest #8 First Pass


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First my system specs


Winchester 3200+

XFX 6800 GT

Corsair XMS 4400C25 {black spredders}




My problem is I've been runing the 4400C25's @ 275x10 cas 2-3-3-7-1t 2.8vdimm for a little over a month now with out a single problem, it's some super good memory.


Last saturday evening a week ago {6/11/05} I was playing some CS:S and after i guess about an hour it was, the system rebooted, and keep failing to get back to the windows desktop. After some trying I reset optomised defaults in the BIOS and tried that. I was then able to get to the windows desktop, but with great instability.


So to start my trouble shooting I ran Mem Test 1.55 at 200Htt x10, cas 2.5-4-8-4 1t again 2.8vdimm.....on the first pass test #5 #7 and #8 all give hundreds and hundres of errs ???


So sunday I got on this forum and did a search....and seen were you instructed some people to set every thing timing wise to auto except for 2.5-4-8-4 and use an LDT of 3x an HTT of 275. I did so with a 8x multi {all most default speed for my CPU}


Test 5 and 7 passed fine, but I still get hundreds of errs in even the first pass of test 8


I've tried with a 3700+ Sandiego core, get same results, tried also with a different DFI board {ultra-D} same results test 8 fails.



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Sory didnt state it in the first post :sigh!: but I've tested them at 2.9volts individuly and they both {by them selfs} pass at 200 Htt 2.5-4-8-4, but togather in dual channel mode they fail test #8 ???? I've been at this with every spair moment for a week now.


Each stick fails test #8 individualy at 275htt cas2.5-4-8-4-1t 2.9vdimm


I just finished testing them in another system I have, this time with a different brand of mobo a K8N Neo2/3500+ NC core.

I'm getting the same fail test #8 ...2.85 vdimm is all the NEO2 can give so I tried at 265htt then 250 htt.


I mem tested these sticks in the DFI SLI-DR up 310 htt cas2.5-4-8-4-1t when I first bought them, and they the board and CPU gave no such errs in test 8. I knew then they would be capable of tighter timings at 275, and for a short wile they delivered 275.


I dont clame to know anywere as much as you do, but three different mobos, three different CPU cores, and the same result test #8 fails first pass, leads me to belive something has happened to my prize sticks of 4400C25 :(:

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I do have one more question.

Why do these sticks preform better than rated :biggrin: j/k.



Thanks Ram Guy for your help and thanks Corsair for remaining a good company that stands behind it's products.

I've used Corsairs memory in my systems and systems I build for others for about 4 years now, this is the first time I've had to do a warranty with Corsair and I'm pleased at how smooth things went. :biggrin:

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I cannot install software to see the picture and see what you have, can you tell me the modules part# and revision and what you are getting from them?


I did not think you needed software to see the picture in the link??? It's an image shack link should work in any web browser.


4400C25 XMS4404v1.1


On 2.7vdimm they are runing Pi32m and hours and hours of BF2 stable at

295htt 1:1 cas 2.5-4-0-3-1t

{tCL-2.5 tRCD-4 tRAS-0 tRP3 t1 command rate}


DRAM Drive Strength -7

DRAM DATA Drive Strength -2

If I set the above two drive strengths to AUTO, I get thousands of erras in mem test, and windows is un stable. I found the above two to be the best settings for this pair of sticks.


Try the below link it should take you stright to the picture. it shows all settings



If you still cant see the pic I'd be happy to type in all memory timing perimeters in another post

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I can see it now, just could not get the browser to enlarge the picture before. The TRAS should be set to "4" and I would try and set the Command Rate to 2T but if the modules are passing at these settings that's a great O.C. And these modules are built with screened IC's so this is not uncommon. In addition, XMS4400C25 is our fastest DDR1 module, we do every thing we can to ensure they will at the tested settings or faster.
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