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My top AIO fans RGB isn't working? UGH

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Just replaced the Mobo in my Corsair 280x from an ITX to Micro ATX and replaced 4 fans while I was in there, to QL fans. My top two fans pushing the Radiator are LL. Two hours ago they were working perfectly, I come back to my PC and only the inner part of one fan is working (LL fans) all other RGB is working flawlessly including the AIO pump. Icue seems to be fine, i just cant figure it out.

First pic of them all working, second pic is current status.


Any help is appreciated. Thank you!


Corsair 280x, Intel i7 10700k, Asus TUF b560m Plus wifi, MSI Ventus 3x RTX 3060, 500gb m.2, 1tb ssd, Vengence DDR4 16gb, H100 AIO, 4x QL fans, 2x LL fans.





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