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I have an HS70 it has been buggy since day 1, i got it with the stand, its  constantly disconnecting and reconnecting, so i decided i am not wasting my time and effort on it, fast foward 2 years maybe, no choice but to pull it out of the box same issue constant disconnecting and reconnecting, saw that i should update the software of iCUE did that not its not even seeing the dongle saying its too far... if i was any closer to it, it would be inside of me. While i know Corsair does not care since they already have my money for a bad product i really wish they would give actually useful advice on how to maybe fix their products instead of giving bad advise that leads to even worse outcomes.   

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Are you plugging the wireless receiver for the headset into the headset stand? If so, have you ever tried plugging it directly into a USB 3.0 port on the back of your physical motherboard to see if the issues persist?

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