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Keyboard macro second assignment not working correctly in recent versions 4.28 - 4.33


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I have keyboard macros set up so that a key is 'held' down as long as the macro key is held. This worked correctly in all iCUE versions up to and including 4.27, but does not seem to work on more recent versions.

There was some discussion of this issue in the release notes thread of 4.31, https://forum.corsair.com/forums/topic/181493-icue-v431168-release-notes/page/2/.

The release notes of 4.32 say "Resolved an issue with Macros and Text Actions when used as second assignments". Unfortunately I'm still encountering this issue on 4.33.

My macro setup is as follows:

1. G1 is bound to a macro called "F13", which executes just a "Press" of the F13 key

2. The "Assignment Trigger" is "On Keypress" (also tried "While Pressed")

3. The "Second Assignment" is a different macro called "F13 up"

4. The "F13 up" macro executes a "Release" of the F13 key

This macro setup means that the F13 key should be held down as long as the G1 macro key is held. This is required for e.g. voice push-to-talk to function correctly.

Unfortunately as of 4.28 this no longer seems to execute correctly. I've done testing by changing the key action to pressing/releasing the "A" key instead and there is no output in Notepad. If I set a "Keystroke" action instead on either the first or second macro, the keystroke does go through correctly - it seems to only fail when there is a separate "press" and "release" action in the first and second assignments - which is exactly what I need the second assignment functionality for!

I'm hoping to see this resolved soon. Happy to provide more information or testing if required.

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It's been a couple months and this is still an ongoing issue with iCUE 5.2.128. This is getting more than slightly ridiculous - some form of response would be nice to have, for starters!

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